How to install 12V RGB LED Strip Light in your home Byond

How to install 12V RGB LED Strip Light in your home - Byond

Just got your New Smart Wifi RGB LED Lightstrips ? Great. Leave the rest to us. We will guide you to install them in your home perfectly. It is very exciting to install LED strip lights. It enhances the look of your room by using high quality strips & built-in adhesive.

This comprehensive guide will show you to perfectly install your LED Strip Lights & create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

There are 2 options for positioning LED strip lights :

  • Horizontally fitted LED tape - Facing upwards
  • Vertically fitted LED tape - Facing sideways

It has to be made sure by the installer to locate LEDs behind a lip, at the edge of your drop-ceiling and and hide the light source for a beautiful effect. It is also advisable to stick LEDs as close as possible behind the lip of the drop ceiling in horizontal LED tape to avoid shining off the light dots on the vertical surface.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install LED Strip Lights 

Step 1: Choose the surface

The most important step is to select the right surface of your home to position these LED strip lights and lighten that particular area of your home.  

Usually, people buy RGB LED Strip lights for gaming room, ceiling, bedroom, kitchen, outdoor area, under cabinet, wardrobe etc. 

You can use:

  • Subtle light on your sitting area
  • Warm lights on the cabinet of the kitchen
  • Ascent light on your staircase
  • Vibrant light on your ceiling or night light in the bathroom and many more.

Choose your surface wisely.

Step 2: Measure the surface

Next step is to take the correct measurements of the surface where you are positioning the strip lights. Order the length of your strip lights accordingly. 

Step 3: Adjust your strip lights

It is important to adjust the length of the strip lights to make that area look good. If the length of the strip light is long, it is advisable to cut them only from the marked areas to avoid any damage.

If the strip light remains short, the lighting remains incomplete which defeats the whole purpose. But you can opt for the strip extension which is easily available and can be plugged at each end. 

Make sure you do all the process with full safety and protection by unplugging the power before and after cutting or installing.

Note - It is not advisable to cut RGBIC Smart Wifi Addressable LED Strip light (WS2811) as it has a built in chip inside & can damage the entire strip.

Step 4: Clean & dry the surface 

It is vital to clean the surface with wet cloth to remove any type of oil or dirt and let it be dry before adhering to any strip light. It is also advisable to place these strip lights on smooth or plain surfaces rather than textured or bent surfaces.

The adhesive of the strip light is very strong which can leave a forever stain if removed or re-positioned, so it is important to either position it in the right area or use double sided adhesive.

Step 5: Place your strip lights 

Now it's time to successfully place these strip lights on the surface by peeling the back from the strip light adhesive and then press it until it gets firmly adhered to the surface.


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Tools required for installing LED strip Lights

For proper installation of LED light at your place you need the following tools:

  1. Measuring Tape - To measure the length of the surface where you want to stick lights
  2. Scissors - To cut the strip lights from the given marks
  3. Wet cloth - To clean the surface where you like to place the strip lights
  4. Ladder - If you are positioning the LED strip lights on the ceiling
  5. Double sided adhesive - If you do not want the lights to stick on that surface permanently

Safety Highlights:

 LED strips lights are quite safe if installed and operated in the right ways.

  • Make sure you have a sufficient number of connectors and caps before you install the strip lights
  • Avoid installing lights on a flammable surface or placing strip light near foil or other makeshift material. Also do not connect more than a recommended number of strips together
  • Do not use wrong tools or hacks for installation as it might be dangerous if not installed in an appropriate manner and with complete safety accessories

Well Done! You are now pro in installing LED strip lights successfully. You can easily remove or place led strip lights with safety and perfection on your own. Byond Smart provides and guides you with the best lighting and adhesive solutions and gives a 1-stop solution to buy these products.