rgb led strip lights for false ceiling bedroom with remote control

Your Ultimate guide on buying LED Strip Lights for ceiling - Byond

LED Strip Light is an immensely popular product in modern times.  If your living space is getting dull, LED strip lights for room are an effective solution to breathe a new life in it. They have transformed the lighting business and given homes and other spaces more variety. 

It's now time to use modern and attractive lighting to change your home for the better and illuminate your surroundings.

Here are few ways, LED strips lights can brighten your house 

  • To make your kitchen look bright and shiny by placing LED strip light under the kitchen cabinet
  • To give a spotlight to your pictures, awards and prizes and make your shelves glow
  • By lighting your stairwell and stairs to give them a beautiful look
  • Lighten up your backyard to reconnect with your outdoor area by adding a little cozy led lighting & spending quality time with your family
  • To attract visitors by ambient lighting in malls, theater & retail outlets

This comprehensive guide will show you how to select your ideal LED strip lights for ceilingHere are some of the key features you need to keep in mind while choosing your LED Light strip for your Living space.



It is always best to use bright led strips if you want to experience different lighting levels and make your environment look  energetic and crisp .

‘Lumens’ are a new standard to measure the LED Strip Light’s brightness. The desirability of brightness of the LED strip light is measured on a per foot lumen basis. 

  • Mood Lighting: 100-300 Lumens / FT
  • Under Cabinet Lighting: 175-360 Lumens / FT
  • High Distance Task Lighting: 300-450 Lumens / FT
  • Bedroom, Indoor Lighting: 180-50 Lumens / FT



The 2nd criteria is choosing between RGB & RGBIC. Mentioned below are the key differences between the two. 



Displays 1 single color at a time

Displays multiple colors & its combinations at the same time

The entire strip displays the same light color

We can control the colors of every segment

They have no integrated chips on the strips

They have integrated chips on the strips. ‘IC’ stands for Integrated chips.

You can set very basic colors and patterns

You  can create creative lighting patterns and brightness

They are economical  

They are costly as compared to RGB lights

RGB strips light can be cut

It is not recommended to cut RGBIC strips light

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Dimmable LEDs 

Dimmable lighting gives you flexibility to adjust your lighting as per the mood and event. It is basically used for relaxing events or any evening activity. LED strip lights are dimmable if paired with the right equipment.

Methods of dimmable LED lights strips:

AC Phase-Cut Dimmer:

This  approach is mostly ideal for home and office lighting device applications which require a traditional wall-switch dimmer to give a dimming input signal.

DC Low Voltage Dimmer:

This approach is ideal for changing colors applications or where there is a temporary installation of lighting. It is placed between the DC power supply and the LED strip that is controlled in the form of a manual or digital dimmer module.

Music Sync Feature

Many smart LED strips have a built-in microphone that allows it to sync with any music playing in your space. You can dim the lights, play some music & create the perfect party atmosphere. Typically, you can choose from a variety of music modes that are offered.

Components required to sync music with your LED lights

  1. You require an authentic quality pair of LED strip lights.
  2. It is necessary to have a controller with an audio trigger or input. If you do not have it is advisable to purchase an external one.
  3. If your music source is powerful for your LED lights you need a transformer for conversion safety power.

Benefits of syncing LED lights with music

  • It adds an aesthetic and gives life to a dull and lifeless space.
  • These low-risk,low-cost strip lights create an impact and enhance the lighting when synced with music.
  • Creates interesting visual content for videographers
  • This innovative way to use LED lights with music Lower stress and anxiety is an innovative way to have fun.


RGB Ways to control

Ways to control

These days everything is at your fingertip; whether its a light function controller or lighting effects. You can operate the LED Strip lighting in multiple ways. You can choose how you wish to control. 

  • 1st Option - Many RGB Light come with a remote in the box. You can easily control the lights through that device 
  • 2nd option - Downloading an App on your Phone. This is a convenient & intuitive way to control the lights
  • 3rd option - Control lighting with your own voice through Google Assistant / Alexa, by just giving commands.

You can:

  • Turn on/off the lights
  • Brighten the light
  • Dim the light
  • Sync it with music

LED strip lights not only increase the beauty and make your environment look fun and full of life but every add on feature increases the cost of the LED strip light. So, it is always advisable to wisely choose the LED strip lights according to your requirement.

With Byond, you get an opportunity to light your house in the most convenient way and create fun & life in your space without costing a huge. They also provide a complete step and guide to you for easy and safe installation of LED Strip Lights.