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Byond Smart RGBIC WiFi LED Strip Light with App control

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    Smart RGBIC Addressable LED Strip Light for Bedroom, False Ceiling, Gaming Room

    Model: WS2811 RGBIC

    Match you Home Vibe. Reinvent your indoor decor with vibrant colours & effects of RGBIC lighting.

    Using special built-in IC chips, these smart LED strip lights can display Multiple Colours at the same time.

    1) WiFi Enabled App Control

    2) Google Assistant + Alexa Compatible

    3) 3M Blue Installation Adhesive

    Note: It is not advisable to cut RGBIC LED Strip Lights

    To know how to install RGB LED Strips, read our guide: How to install 12V RGB LED Strip Light in your home 

    Shipping information

    Free delivery across India.
    Handling Time: 1-2 days
    Delivery Time: 2-4 days from the dispatch

    Returns information

    7-Days Return or Replacement Policy:

    For any reason, undamaged products can be fully refunded within 7 days from the product delivery date. Once the item is returned to Byond's warehouse for inspection, the refund process will begin.

    Byond RGBIC Addressable smart LED Strip Lights | Wifi enabled App | Programmable 16 million RGB color changing lights | Google Assistant & Alexa Compatible | 5v WS2811 | For Bedroom, Gaming room, false ceiling (5 Meter / 10 Meter) Byond Smart RGBIC Strip Lights

    Byond Dreamcolour LED Strip Lights

    Primary Benefits

    amazing lighting effects with addressable led strip lights

    Multiple Scene Modes

    Countless Scene options allow you to create the ideal atmosphere in your living space. Select and preset the perfect surroundings for your purpose and taste.

    smart life app control for rgbic led strip lights

    Segmented Colour Control

    Segmented control provides countless design options, stunning light shows, and effects that are sure to impress. Enjoy dynamic, smart colour in your living space.

    cotton cloud over ceiling with RGBIC LED Strip Lights

    Decorative Cloud Ceiling

    Create colourful snowfall and amazing lighting effects for your room. Easily install the entire set using cotton and paper on your ceiling fixtures.

    RGB vs RGBIC


    Do RGBIC Strips sync with music?

    No, Byond RGBIC does not have music sync feature. But you can use the preset effects of Jazz, Disco, etc.

    Can I change the lights to one solid colour?

    Yes, you get to choose any single colour from the colour palette.

    Can the strip be cut and rejoined?

    We don't recommend you cutting the light strip, since the soldering points are very delicate.

    I want 7m of LED strip, can you please help me?

    RGBIC strip lights comes in the multiple of 5 meters only. If you want any other exact size, we would suggest you purchase RGB Strip lights since they are cuttable.

    Do the box comprise of adapter, controller, etc.?

    The box comprises of all the accessories, so you can just buy and do it all by yourself.

    Can I group, if i need 20 or 25 mtrs light strip?

    Yes, same model of LED strip lights can be grouped together, and function simultaneously.